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Firstly thanks so much for visiting, I am flattered you are interested in my work. I hope you find the contents useful, even if you don’t agree with it all, (spoiler alert – you won’t)… 

I thought I would take this opportunity to set out the ideas I have for this space. Primarily I wanted to share my doctoral thesis which I recently defended and successfully passed on the 1st June 2021. The research is titled:

‘#TERF/Bigot/Transphobe’ – ‘We found the witch, burn her!’ A contextual constructionist account of the silencing of feminist discourse on the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and the policy capture of transgender ideology, focusing on the potential impacts and consequences for female-only spaces for victims of male violence.

You will see from my bio that I am not a veteran academic, but I do have nearly three decades experience as an activist and practitioner in the male violence against women sector. Therefore, as someone who appreciates the efforts to enable academic work to inform practitioners, policy makers and most importantly (for me) support victims, I wanted this research to reach as many people as possible, hence the website, and I will be writing a series of blogs expanding on my research over time.

You will see that each chapter is divided into separate sections and if you care to you, can also download the whole thesis. Obviously I would love for as many of you to read the whole thing as possible, but I get the need to be able to access sections easily, and read the bits that interest you most, so dip in and out as you choose…it is meant to be there to use and I hope it lifts the lid on the silence that has been stifling my sector for too long.

In addition I really wanted to provide a space for women’s voices, especially from within the male violence against women sector, and since talking about my research more and more women who work in the movement have contacted me to share their experiences of silencing on the transgender ideology debate. I think their voices deserve to be heard, so you will see interviews or comments pop up from time to time, the vast majority of which will feature anonymously, for obvious reasons (my hope is that changes over time – we shall see). In that vein if you have experienced the same silencing please do feel free to contact me, I am happy to share your story or just stand in solidarity with you by touching base – hello@shonaghdillon.com

Other than that I will be writing blogs as and when the feeling takes me and time permits – some of which will be fuelled by feminist fury – others might be mere meanderings about cats.

Overall my work within the women’s liberation movement is very important to me and spans much wider than the research topic for my thesis, so I will just launch and see where the rest of the website takes me over time…

That’s the thing with feminism, so much to talk about, and still so much to do, but one thing remains the same, women are and always will be the root of the movement’s existence and purpose, and to that end I will remain forever faithful.

In sisterhood

Dr Shonagh Dillon

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