Dr. Shonagh Dillon

A contextual constructionist account of the silencing of feminist discourse on the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and the policy capture of transgender ideology, focusing on the potential impacts and consequences for female-only spaces for victims of male violence.

About me

Dr Shonagh Dillon has nearly 3 decades of experience working in the MVAW (Male Violence Against Women) sector, she is the founder and CEO at Aurora New Dawn working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking.


I was privileged to speak at A Women’s Place – Fighting For Women’s Services alongside Nicola Benge, Catia Freitas and Vivienne Hayes MBE. The webinar was chaired by Karen Ingala Smith.

Shonagh talking at Women's Place webinar
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Recent posts

An Interview With Muslim Women

(EDIT: This piece was originally referred to as a focus group – I have received criticism on twitter for referring to it as that and have changed the title. To

Survivors Network letter to the EHRC

In response to the long-awaited Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) guidance on single sex spaces, a rape crisis service, Survivors Network Brighton, published an open letter. The letter is

Post research reflections…

It has been nine months since I defended my research and earned the title Doctor – much to my kids dismay this does not automatically mean I know all the

Victims Bill Consultation

The government opened a consultation into the proposed Victims Bill which aims to build on the Victims Code. The consultation ran from 9th December 2021 and closed on 3rd February

Sadiq Khan – A reply…

 On 20th August 2021 I wrote an open letter to Sadiq Khan after the removal of feminist activist and author Joan Smith, from the role of independent co-chair to the Violence